ensure that the procedures of reporting and control are adequate. It is also responsible for overseeing the selection of statutory auditors. Finally, it assesses the risks incurred by the Company and monitors internal control procedures. To this purpose, it is provided with reports summarising the controls carried out in the year.

INVESTMENT COMMITTEE The investment committee reviews and decides whether to approve any investments that are either above certain set amounts or not included in initial budgets.

NOMINATING AND REMUNERATION COMMITTEE Comprised of three independent directors, the Com- pensation and Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing the Group s compensation policy, and more spe- cifically for managers, as well as proposals for stock option and restricted stock (bonus share) awards. It is informed of the arrival and departure of key managers and consulted on the appointment and renewal of the terms of directors and officers.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMMITTEE Comprised of two directors, the CSR Committee meets every quarter to review the Group s CSR strategy and in particular, CSR reporting.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The executive committee examines potential acquisitions in order to make recommendations to the Board of Direc- tors and is responsible for the overall implementation of the Group s business development strategy and internal control policy. It also oversees the management of the Group s business divisions.

BUSINESS DIVISION COMMITTEES The Business Division Committees are comprised of the heads of each business unit and oversee the finances and operations of each of the companies under their purview. They also seek to optimise commercial synergies among Group business lines.

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE The International Committee meets quarterly as a forum for pooling efforts and exchanging ideas, projects and advances made by each subsidiary outside France with the objective of creating synergies and strengthening the Group s presence in global markets.

AUDIT COMMITTEE Comprised of three independent directors, this commit- tee participates in preparing the meetings of the Board of Directors responsible for ruling on the corporate and con- solidated semi-annual and annual financial statements. Its principal mission is to assure the pertinence and consist- ency of accounting principles applied by the company and